the portrait: anabela piersol

The Portrait_Anabela

Anabela Piersol is the lovely face behind one of my very favourite Toronto-based blogs, Fieldguided. She and her husband Geoff also create a line of handmade goods under the same name — you’ve likely seen their tote bags all over town.

As a longtime reader of Fieldguided, I’ve always enjoyed Anabela’s artful perspective on life — whether it’s her eye for photography (her Instagram is A+) or her taste in books. I thought she’d make a perfect subject to feature in the first edition of my new monthly series, The Portrait. Here, I will profile someone who to me embodies the word quaintrelle — which is someone who lives with passion, exudes a certain personal style, and enjoys life’s simple pleasures.

Without further ado…


Q: You’re planning a picnic. Who are your dream guests (dead or alive, celebrity or little-known)?

George Harrison, Clémence Poésy, Brit Marling, Clarice Lispector, and Bill Callahan. That would make for a chill picnic. Preferably at dusk, preferably by some water. 


Q: Sunday is my favourite day of the week. What does your ideal Sunday look like?

I usually clean my apartment on Sundays, which feels like a phenomenal waste of a Sunday, but it’s the only chance I really have. My ideal Sunday would involve waking up to an already-clean, sunny apartment, having coffee at one of my favourite local spots (The Common on College, although lately I’ve really been enjoying Fika in Kensington and Belljar on Dundas), followed by a leisurely brunch at home. My husband Geoff makes really delicious meals and I always feel better when I eat at home. Something like eggs with greens from our garden and some really nice bread. In the afternoon we could go to a matinee or if we’re really lucky, a matinee at the National Ballet. We’d walk home along some side streets and stop for more coffee and to read a little. For dinner we’d make a pizza together. I’d end the day with a little yoga and cat snuggles.

The Portrait_Anabela_Ballet


Q: If beauty is in the details, what’s a “small thing” that brings you joy?

Fresh flowers, beautifully displayed. Whenever I see pictures from a home with vases of fresh flowers displayed I think “A real grown-up lives there.”

The Portrait_Anabela_Flora copy


Q: Everyone has a signature cocktail. What’s yours?

A cardamom rose gin and tonic.

The Portrait_Anabela_rosegt

Photos via Fieldguided + Design Sponge