new year, new beginnings


Hello 2016! It’s been forever since I’ve posted anything (oops!) but I’m happy to be back. The holiday season didn’t whip by as it usually does and I found the time to move at a nice pace. Andrew and I brought our families together for Christmas dinner this year which was a new experience for everyone . . . happy to say everyone got along and the whole thing was really nice.

We spent New Year’s Eve lakeside in a lovely Muskoka cottage we rented with our best friends. We rang in 2016 by the fire with champagne and oysters and I loved the quieter evening. Don’t get me wrong, we danced all night and had a blast but it was so much more enjoyable than being in the city and dealing with cabs and covers. Cottage country was just the ticket.


With a new job and a new home, things are finally starting to feel settled in. I have plenty of goals (thirty of them, actually) and a long list of accomplishments I want to achieve this year – happy to report I’ve made some major progress so far.

This year is all about health for me. Andrew and I eat pretty healthy as it is, but lately my entire attitude towards food has changed. I think living in France played a pretty large role because I had the time to not only learn how to cook but also learn to enjoy it. I’ve been running regularly and am avoiding sugar and processed foods. I wouldn’t call this a diet, but rather I’m trying to make real changes to live a better and longer life.

And you know me, I always have a few tricks up my sleeve. There will be lots of changes coming to this space in the next year, as well as an exciting new direction I can’t wait to share with you!

What are your goals for 2016? 

To the best year ever,