my favourite winter cocktails


What can I say – I love a good cocktail. Combine that with the holiday season and my love of entertaining . . . I’m a very happy girl. When hosting a group of friends at home, a signature drink is simultaneously a delightful thing to offer and easier to prepare in advance since you can shop for the ingredients ahead of time.

In collaboration with fellow stylists (and lovely friends!) Kelly Lynn and Laura, I whipped up a couple of my favourite go-to’s: think classics with a seasonal twist. First up, the winter-y Moscow Mule with pomegranate and ginger. Second, the Old Fashioned with a kick of citrus. The best part of these tipples is while they are festive in garnish and flavour, they aren’t totally Christmas-y so can be served all winter long.

Recipes below

moscow mule - ashley bartlett 2



One of the most popular cocktails of the 1950’s, the Moscow Mule has helped usher in the resurgence of classic cocktails we’re seeing today (a trend I am most certainly for). The copper mug is essential if you ask me – it’s all part of the fun. This sipper is best enjoyed made with a premium vodka (I like Grey Goose best [not sponsored!]) and fresh juices. The tartness of the ginger is balanced out by the sweetness of the pomegranate . . . totally delicious!

– 1½ ounces of fresh pomegranate juice

– 1 ounce of vodka (or 2 for a double – it’s the holidays, why not?)

– Juice from ½ a lime

– 12 ounces ginger geer

– Pomegranate arils for garnish

– Candied ginger slice for garnish

– Crushed ice

festive cocktails-4



Another classic. Are you a whisky drinker? Over the last year I’ve made it a point to acquire the taste for it . . . good news: I can finally sip it without making that dreadful whisky face (not cute!). I eased into the distinct flavour by ordering an Old Fashioned here and there, and I’ve really come to enjoy it. For the winter season, I have added extra orange (did your parents put them in your stocking? Mine sure did) and a sprig of rosemary for an fragrant touch.

– 1 sugar cube

– 2 ounces of rye

– 3 dashes of orange bitters

– Splash of club soda

– Large orange slice for garnish

– Sprig of rosemary for garnish

– A few King ice cubes to your liking

festive cocktails-3



Moscow Mule cups // Wood + marble board // Gold striped napkin //

A big thank you to Hello Midge Floral Studio for the gorgeous blooms. Midge is one of my absolute favourite florists to work with in Toronto! 

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