a fun little interview + my fave new app, wantfolio


Hello darlings! As you may have seen over on Instagram, I’ve recently partnered with the very clever team over at Wantfolio who have just launched the new app (which you should absolutely snap up). It’s my new favourite way for capturing, organizing, and curating content I want to keep up with — it’s basically a publishing feed to keep up with my favourite blogs and news sites.

Do you ever feel like there is so much good content out there, but no concise way to keep tabs on it? Wantfolio is a great hub for this. I’ve been saving away articles and images onto a few different boards: home, style, and adventure. You can also follow your top designers, decorators, chefs, and bloggers which is a cool feature if you’re looking for gift ideas or insight into what your favourite icon is wanting, wearing, and sharing. According to the Wantfolio team, fashion is the largest and most popular category (no surprise there!). Following are food, lifestyle, and décor.

kristinabazan blackittenclub

Sounds fun, right? I also had the opportunity to chat with founder Lesley Metcalfe (so lovely, and what an inspiring entrepreneur!) about everything from my sabbatical in Paris to the inspiration behind Quaintrelle. You can read the interview here, I hope you enjoy it.

Let me know what you think about this app. It’s easily made its way onto my front app screen because I find it’s easier to keep everything in one place. Fewer, better apps . . . am I right?


a + a forever


I wasn’t always sold on the idea of engagement photos, but a wise friend reminded me that it will be nice to have proper photos of us as a young couple to look back on. And so, here they are!

One Thursday just a couple of weeks ago, Andrew and I had our photographer — Tara McMullen — over to our flat to capture us at home. Although we haven’t actually hung art yet (oops! where does the time go?), Tara wanted to get us in our element. It’s honest and it’s authentic.

From our apartment we walked over to the park for some croquet and then to Dutch Dreams for ice cream (mint chip for me, cookie dough for him). The locations and activities are very true to how we spend our summer days; instead of over-the-top settings and dramatic ensembles we went for what was definitively ‘us.’ And I’m so glad we did.

Take a peek at some of my favourite shots below . . .

AAEsession-022 AAEsession-011 AAEsession-006 AAEsession-024 AAEsession-010 AAEsession-041 AAEsession-058 AAEsession-065

Lots of love,


the ultimate summer picnic


. . . I’m certain that if there is one thing you know about me, it’s that I have a very strong affinity for picnics. Nothing says summer like fresh berries, a great bottle of wine, the best company, the smell of green grass, and the warmth of the sunshine. It’s an absolutely romantic experience.

I’ve been chit-chatting with you about one picnic in particular: the #OPENpicnic, which is internet speak for a leisurely picnic hosted by the wonderful people at OPEN Wines. Unfortunately I won’t be present (Las Vegas is calling . . . ), but some of my favourite fellow bloggers will be (Alex of Larkspur Vintage, for one) will be there with bells on. If you’re in Toronto this weekend, I highly recommend marking this one in your Moleskine.

Here’s what you can expect:


When: Saturday, July 23 from 12-8 p.m.

Where: Harbourfront Centre, Toronto. Look for the South Lawn (behind the concert stage)

To eat: La Loteria, Vesta Lunch, and Mis Amigos Catering will be popping up at the event. Yum!

To sip: OPEN Wine’s Smooth Red and Riesling-Gewurztraminer will be available for sampling

Contest alert: For those at the event, share a photo of you at the picnic (don’t forget the #OPENpicnic hashtag!) for a chance to win a Getaway to the Drake Devonshire . . . a perfect little two-night escape for two.

There will also be plenty of leisure games, good music, and fine company.

What’s not to love?

* Thank you to OPEN Wines for sponsoring this post.

summer solstice

surf - 1Today is the first day of summer. Pause for appreciation and applause.

May your days be long. The sun: bright and friendly. The air: warm and thick. Your rosé: chilled. Your hair: smell of salt and your skin of Coppertone. Your worries: forgotten. Your calendar: free for play. 

surf - 3 surf - 2 surf - 5

Happiest summer,


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wedding wednesday: how to choose a wedding photographer

wedding photographer

We are officially four months away from the big day!

I shared earlier that we are have hired Tara McMullen and her partner Barb Simkova as our wedding photographers and we truly couldn’t be happier. Choosing the right photographer is one of the most important aspects of wedding planning . . . I’ve always been of the opinion that it’s better to splurge on a photographer if you can and save a bit in other areas like decor and favours. You could have the best venue and the best flowers but if you don’t have a great photographer to capture it properly (not to mention, in the style that suits you), you won’t have that to look back on.

With that said, it’s not always easy to know who to choose . . . there seem to be so many photographers out there and new ones popping up all the time. I’ve put together my top tips for finding the right person/team to hire for this very big, very important job.


TIP #1: Know your aesthetic 

As with hiring any creative person, you’ll want to select a photographer whose work fits within the style you and your fiance/fiancee are looking to achieve. Andrew and I love the candid, light & bright, natural look so that’s why we hired Tara and Barb. Is your style more moody and romantic? Modern and artistic? Knowing how to describe your aesthetic will ensure you end up with the right talent. Be weary of photographers who are quick to bend to the style you want, especially when their portfolio tells a different story. If you aren’t great with words (and don’t want those words misinterpreted), a great way to communicate your visual style is with a Pinterest board with examples of work you and your partner enjoy.


TIP #2: Research, research, research

The best place to start is within your own circle of friends. My friend Kelly Lynn and Andrew‘s photos were absolutely perfect to us and so Andrew and I made a mental note to call on Tara and Barb for our own wedding. Even if the style of your friend’s wedding photography doesn’t match your own, there’s a good chance they did a lot of leg work in reaching out to a bunch of contacts . . . and they will be happy to share this with you.*

*This goes for all vendors (florists, caterers, venues, etc.), not just the photographer.


TIP #3: Look at packages and offerings

Most wedding photographers work within a set of packages, which are quite helpful to know exactly what you’re getting. Review the different packages and decide what is important to you both as a couple. Do you have pre-wedding events like a rehearsal dinner you want captured? How many hours of coverage do you need? (hot tip on coverage: it always takes longer than you think it will, especially when you need to wrangle family and the wedding party!) Will you need a second shooter? (maybe, if it’s a larger wedding) Are you expecting a wedding album? The levels of packages will determine your budget, but make sure those “must-haves” are ticked off so you don’t end up with any surprises.

For us, it’s really important that our full weekend in Cape Cod is captured. From the clambake rehearsal dinner to the seaside vows to dancing in the wee hours of the morning, we want it all documented. We chose Tara and Barb’s “Dream Team Package” which is really the top of the line . . . it sounds like a lot but we really wanted everything taken care of.

In addition to the wedding events we’re also getting in an engagement session. I wasn’t initially sold on this and I tend to associate engagement photos with those cheesy shots you see all over Facebook (I don’t even have Facebook!), but a good friend turned me onto the idea by looking at it more as an opportunity to have beautiful, proper photos of you as a couple to look back on when you’re old and grey (hehe).


TIP #4: Ask lots of questions

When you’re setting meetings, be sure to go in with a list of questions. Be sure to include everything from their background and photography style to specifics around logistics and deliverables. There’s a good of example questions here. This is less about interrogation and more about getting to know their process and working style . . . you’ll want to ensure their way gels with yours.


TIP #5: Trust your instincts

This is a big one. After meeting with your potential photographer, how do you feel? Are you excited and trusting or nervous and more stressed? One of the reasons we chose Tara and Barb is because we felt like they actually cared about us and our story . . . they answered all our questions with ease and grace but they also had their own questions. They wanted to know how we met, how our relationship evolved over the years, and what our family is like. They wanted to spend time with me as a bride and get to know us as a couple, they’ve become our friends.

This may sound like a “nice-to-have” but I think that closeness really comes through in the images. It’s the difference between having stiff, posed photos and natural, documentary style shots. And if you’re anything like me, you’re quite nervous in front of the camera. If you’re comfortable around your team, the results will speak for themselves and you won’t need to worry about a thing!

Best of luck, fellow bride(s)-to-be,


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